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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Amy Grant - Grown-Up Christmas List

It's easy to see why the holiday season is one of the most difficult time for people. The holidays tend to stir up memories, both good and bad. It's a time when you miss those you've lost the most. The holidays mark the ending of another year and all of the regrets for things you may not have accomplished. Christmas also is so hyped in commercialism that the true meaning has been lost among all of the packages, ribbons and bows. Every commercial shows beautiful smiling people enjoying the holidays. They show warm family gatherings with smiles on every one's face. Most people feel this expectation to be living fantasy lives at Christmas. When reality meets fantasy and it doesn't measure up, huge feeling of failure can overtake you. This Christmas season has been particularly difficult for me. I'm ready for 2010 to be over and forgotten.... Literally! I have people I love hurting people I love and all I can do is sit and watch the carnage take place and ask.... Why? As I was driving to work today with a million things on my mind, this song seemed to fit just right.

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