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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Unspoken Word....

Unspoken words have a language all their own. To the lonely, they may speak comfort or reaffirm their belief of worthlessness. To the self-assured they may further boost their ego, or unearth hidden insecurities. To the guilty, they may set judgment on their deeds, or redemption for their failures. 
To the righteous, they may elevate their lofty standards,  or devastate their high towers. To the insecure, they may manifest themselves as compliments, or reveal themselves as insults. To the lovelorn, they may proclaim enduring love, or expose disguised apathy.  To the broken, they may be the ointment of healing, or the sting of decay. To the healed, they may be a testament of wholeness, or a fear of rejection. To the ignorant, they may be a confirmation of intelligence, or a accusation of uselessness. To the clever, they may be an expression of discernment, or allegation of simplicity.
Many say that you should chose your words wisely for they can wound. The same can be said about the unspoken word as well. Sometimes words can be spoken yet they remain untrue. The unspoken word is subject to our interpretation. At times we inturpet the unspoken to denounce our fears, but most often we inturpet them to reinforce our deepest dread. We are given to vain imaginations, usually to our detriment. Do you want your strong affection to be misinturpeted by the one you adore? Put those unspoken words into a audible song of praise. Do you want your silence on a subject of 
dispute to be inturpeted as an nod of agreement? Make your argument with constructive debate. Sometimes it's not the words that are spoken that wound..... It's the unspoken words that wound and yes, those wounds can be a deep if not deeper. Silence isn't always golden.

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