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Friday, October 22, 2010

Amazing Women and Hormonal Episodes

A good friend of mine was having a really bad day one day last week. It just so happened that her bad day fell on my really good day, which is usually how it happens. I give her little pep talks when she is down and she encourages me when I'm down. When she is feeling fat I tell her she is beautiful and when I feel ugly, she tells me I'm really not that ugly (LOL, jk!). On those unfortunate days when we are both in a funk, we just pee and moan to each other as if the world was ending. I let my friends wallow all they want, because occasionally I like a good wallow too.  When we are both having bad days, we will see who can be the most pathetic, and who can wallow in their pity most effectively. I'll admit that she probably beats me on the wallowing thing, but then I'm not a very competitive person. LOL!! We constantly talk about losing weight and very often talk about binge eating everything in sight including the computer keyboard all in the same conversation.... "Gosh I just ate a whole bag of candy.... I need to lose some weight, we have to work out more." Sometimes she'll say that we are messed up and I have to remind her that we are no more messed up than other women who worry about their weight, their hair, their relationships, their marriages and their kids. We are women who have fluctuating hormonal episodes, which is perfectly normal. From the beginning of time women have been this way. If Eve hadn't been having a hormonal eating binge she wouldn't have looked at the fruit on the forbidden tree once, much less eaten the whole thing except the bite she offered Adam! She was a hormonal maniac. God made women very relational because he knew we would be a tremendous support system for each other. Let's face it, most men walk around dazed and confused when it comes to the moods of their women, but women totally get each other. We may not like each other very much sometimes, but we get each other. My friend emailed me the next day and said she was going to work on not being in a funk all day. I responded with "You can do it because you are an AMAZING woman." Actually we all are, we just have days when we don't believe it about ourselves.... And the other days we want to eat everything in sight, including our keyboard.... Cause we are women

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