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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just A State of Mind

I was sitting in the den this evening watching football with my husband. We have been working on the den (or I should say my husband has been working on the den.. I supervise) and all of the furniture is moved around and the place is just a big mess with step stools, tarps and plaster and stuff. My husband was laying on one the the love seats and I sat across from him in the other love seat. My dog lumbers in the room and notices that I happen to be in her spot. She could have easily been offended, but no.... She climbs up on the love seat and cuddles up in my lap..... Well, as much as possible. She is an English Mastiff that weighs somewhere between 175 and 200 pounds. I actually don't know how much she weighs because I don't have a vehicle large enough to transport her to the the vet. She still thinks she is a puppy and should be able to sit in my lap while I drive.... It just doesn't work for me anymore. But hey, how you gonna tell a 200 pound dog that? Have you ever looked at something and seen it totally different than everyone else around you? Occasionally, I'll look at a situation and listen to those around me discuss it and I'll think to myself..... "Are we talking about the same thing?" I'm happy to admit that I don't always look at things head on, sometimes I like to take a step back and look at things from a different angle, but I'm not sure others really see the necessity in a wide angle view. The other day when I was in the swamp or marsh (whatever you call it) I saw beauty, but if I had looked close up, I would have seen a lot of muck and bugs and I did but I chose to ignor that view. When I see vivid contrasting colors, others may just be seeing a black and white photo.... or different shades of gray. I love to play devils advocate when watching crime shows. I love looking at things and imagining how I would defend or make an argument.  I should have been a lawyer cause my husband says he's hasn't won an argument with me in 28+ years. Of course there are plenty of things I see as one sided, but in large I try very hard to be somewhat balanced (shoe fetish excluded). Not everything is as cut and dried as we'd like it to be. Not everything is as simple as it should be nor as complicated as others make it to be. Oddly enough everything has a way of turning into what you imagine it to be.... Even if it's only in your own mind. Sailor's size certainly doesn't indicate she's a lap dog, but in her mind she is just the perfect size. I guess I could enlighten her and save myself some bruises, but I actually like to cuddle.... Even if it is a little painful and with a giant dog the size of a horse. It's all just a state of mind......

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