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Friday, October 15, 2010

Refresh My Soul

Lord refresh my soul anew
bring me back Lord to the side of you
Like ocean waves on the sea side shore
Crash over me, Lord make me more
Purge the selfishness I hold inside
Destroy the things I try to hide
Restore my strength to stand against
The world, this flesh I cling unto
Put them behind the power of you
Though broken and battered I seem to be
Restore the one you made as me
The things that are temptation sore
Just blind my eyes to see no more
When the voice that bids me come aside
Your whisper rise above the tide
From the ocean floor Lord, bring me up
Help my heart to rise above
Those hurts others have intentionally done
The ones I've yet to overcome
Just put them far beneath the sea
Far from the memory which resides in me
And though I may feel tossed aside
No desirable use others may find
I know for a fact Lord value you see
A purpose for even one such as me
A plan of use for the kingdoms sake
A difference in heaven yet to be made
Gird my mind Lord with this truth 
True value is found only in you
Washed and cleansed and made brand new
Give me purpose Lord, a reason to rise
above the pain, above the tide
Draw me close Lord into your arms
Where your presence outweighs 
The sound of the storms
 Turn my eyes from those who have caused me pain
Let forgiveness pour down like rain
 Uproot the bitterness found within
Which has cause the scar, increased the sin
And just like the ocean forever new
Refresh my soul with the fragrance of you

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