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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spring Cleaning

The closet door quietly closes as I give a silent sigh of relief. The things I love had become entangled into a knotted mess. Some things tossed to the side with a question of whether it was needed any more. Other things hidden from view so I wouldn't have to make a decision about where to put them. Still other items lay in a pile that was intended to be discarded but I just hadn't found the courage to "toss them" yet.  Then there were things nicely hung, color coded for convenience of selection. Unfortunately this category paled in size compared to the other categories. . It was an ugly mess that had been solely created by me and could only be sorted and put back in order by my hands.... I had put it off for way to long and the day had come. It certainly wasn't a task I looked forward to, but now that it was over and everything was back in it's place I had an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. It's amazing how something so simple could create such mental chaos and when completed create such peace. Kinda like the closet of my soul. When neglected, things get piled up, forgotten about or things that simply don't belong find their way into a darkened corner. Getting the courage to dive in head first and start the sorting process is easier said than done.... But the rewards of having things in order leaves me with much satisfaction.

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