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Friday, June 18, 2010

GOLF..... Dog Snot & All

Last weekend my company had it's annual golf tournament. I typically play twice a year whether I need to or not and the company golf tournament is one of my favorite times to play. A couple of years ago I won a gift certificate to the local golf shop and bought a set of clubs.... baby blue (cause they didn't have pink). To be honest in the last year I've played more than usual because my husband and kids have started to enjoy golf too, it's a nice way to spend some family time together. This year, since my Mojo has been missing in action,  I wasn't in my usual form.... meaning I didn't go buy a new outfit to match my clubs. I've always said that it wasn't important how you played, just important how you looked while you played. Thanks to being out of commission for the last 6 months.... well, I'll just say things weren't looking so good. Needless to say there is a lot of rivalry where the tournament is concerned, due to the abnormal amount of testosterone around the office and in the field, so let the trash talking begin.  A friend of mine, (who just happens to also be my boss) has a standing bet with the leader of the team I happened to be on. That was a huge incentive for me to play well because my boss and I have our own football rivalry going.... You know that whole OSU vs OU thing..... As if OU is all that and a bag of chips too.... Ugh! Unfortunately the leader of my team has been on the losing end of the bet for the last SEVEN (count them) seven years so.... yeah, things weren't looking so good. I shot off an email a few days before the tournament to the leader of the team, to let him know that this was his year and we would "beat the ever loving dog snot" out of my boss. We could do it! The only problem with that is, we were just talking trash because neither one of us thought we had a snowballs chance in hell to beat the other team. My boss actually had the nerve to say that "it doesn't matter if your team beats my team because I won't have any confidence that you will have contributed to that win!" O-M-G!!!!... "HE- DID NOT just say that to me!" But he actually he did, which is what probably sealed his fate. The odds around the company was that our team would come in dead last..... and I didn't even have a cute outfit to compensate for such a rumor (Alice and that dang rabbit hole)!!!!! The good thing about that was I got our team really cheap in the Calcutta (so I'm not stupid). The first 9 holes went good, not great but we came in at 3 under par and like I told our A player, "Even if we lose we have nothing to hang our heads about." I made it a point to keep my boss updated every time I contributed a great drive or an outstanding putt, so he got several text during the day and I had witnesses. You know, sometimes the stars align just right, you find your groove and you just go with the flow and let success take you where it wants you to go..... That's what happened on the last 9 holes of the game!!!!! Yeah, baby!!!! We finished ahead of the other team, but the last time I had heard from them we were neck in neck. When they finished their round and delivered their score.... WE HAD WON!!!! Not only did we win, but they weren't even close to us (yeah, that's right as in no competition). I think they came in 5th. The buzz around the water cooler is we didn't write our scores down correctly, we talked the preacher on the team into crossing over to the dark side... Just the usual sore loser kind of talk. But you know.... it doesn't bother me at all that no one in that company believes we really won that tournament fair and square.... What really bothers me is, (and I say this with all sincerity)....  What really bothers me is that I didn't get a cute outfit for the picture! What was I thinking?

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