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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Apron Strings & Wings

As of today my kids are officially scattered all over the globe. My oldest is in Hawaii headed to who knows where in a couple of weeks. My oldest Son is in Kenya on a missionary trip, and my youngest son (15) is tucked safely in the nest as his wings haven't fully developed. When we made the decision to have children there were several things that were ultimately important to us.

1) They be raised with a firm spiritual foundation
2) They be raised without fearing the unknown
3) I would embrace their independence as they grew regardless of how difficult it was for me!

Number one was pretty easy to achieve. We became a part of a living, breathing body of Christ. We were active in the church, the kids were active in the church and we surrounded ourselves with many people who embraced our kids as their own giving them multiple examples of good Godly adults. They trusted their "extended family", and actually call them their Aunts and Uncles. To this day they know, where ever they may be, regardless of the time or circumstances they can pick up the phone and call not only my husband or I, but a number of people full of wisdom who will offer them Godly council and who will love them unconditionally just like our heavenly Father loves us. That is a HUGE, sturdy foundation that neither I, nor they take for granted. We have been richly blessed by our church and our church family.

Number two wasn't particularly hard but the childs personality comes more into play with it. With my two oldest kids I fostered their comfort in life by never trying to scare them out of doing something. If they wanted to do something, I encouraged them, did what I could to make it possible and just tried to be positive. When my Daughter said she wanted to join the Navy, my first thought was "Have you seen Private Benjamin?", I didn't say it, but that is what I thought. She stands 5'4" and is just like her Momma in the fact that she loves all things girly, hates to sweat, and believes that just past the gates of heaven will be a full service hair and nail salon with all the newest trends available to all that enter there. I could have VERY easily talked her out of that decision but I didn't (you have no idea how difficult it was not to). I just kept repeating every positive thing I could think of about a life in the military. I guarantee you, today she is way more self assured than she was five years ago. When my oldest Son told me he wanted to be a missionary like in the movie "End of The Spear". Okay I'll have to admit, the first words out of my mouth were..... "The main character dies by being attacked by natives in that movie!!!" his response..... "I know Mom! How cool would that be to die for the cause of Christ." I knew I had lost that battle before I actually thought about taking up arms for it, because he has a calling and you just don't argue about a calling.... Period! My Son that's still in the nest is somewhat a challenge where number two is concerned because he is just a tad OCD.... He does not like his schedule changed. He likes for all things to remain the same at all times unless given enough warning so he can wrap his mind around the change.  It's not exactly that he fears the unknown, he just that he wants to be well acquainted with the unknown before the unknown is known. I'm still trying to figure my approach to this one.

Number three hasn't been hard to do..... It's just been hard for me to handle. I couldn't be more proud of my kids, their unique personalities and their independence.  But once they are gone, you miss having them around. I have no desire to wish them back in the nest because I feel that would be wrong, but I do miss them terribly, and I feel a little lost without having my little chicks under my feet. It is very difficult to get past the kids not being at home part of life. No one can accuse me of tying those apron strings a little too tight or hampering my kids independence and I see that as a good thing. The wings they soar with were handcrafted by a Momma who wanted her kids to see new things, experience all life has to offer and to go farther and do more than she ever dreamed possible. Apparently those wings work pretty well and occasionally the tracking device I sewed inside them brings them back home for a little TLC and some Momma lovin.

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