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Sunday, September 18, 2016

That's a Wrap

"Parting is such sweet sorrow.", at least it was for the cast of "Someone Save My Baby Ruth". Our 4 night performance at the Marlow Opera House came to an end last night and the curtain came down. Close ties were formed by all and we agreed during the cast party that we hated to see it end. In a few short weeks, we went from being strangers, to friends. Isn't that what local theatre is all about? When rehearsals started a few of the cast members knew each other, but by the last performance we had "gelled" and from the feedback we got from the audience, it showed. Mike came to every performance even though I assured him it was not necessary. After curtain call last night, he told me that DLT should definitely get this cast back together to do something else because the chemistry came across onstage and flowed out to the audience. We immediately, in the post show glow, started plotting and scheming on ways we could make it happen. A murder mystery dinner theater was mentioned..... Writing our own play was batted around, because of course we are a successful group considering we had just done an Off-Broadway show.... No, seriously. The Marlow Opera House is half a block off Broadway.... In Marlow Oklahoma. Soooo, in reality I am not joking when I say we did an Off-Broadway Show.

Let's face it, anything that is successful has to have one important thing.... Great leadership! I cannot say enough about our amazing director. Not only was she patient and kind, she was also very helpful. She didn't hesitate to give us direction... In a good way. She also did something that I think helped us gel as a group. She began each rehearsal with an ice breaker which helped loosen us up, gave us a laugh and ultimately broke down the walls that often surround people when they are in a group of people who don't know each other.

One of the most amazing things about this play, were the kids (technically some were teenagers, but when you're my age they're kids). We had 4 young teenagers in the cast and one girl who was a little younger. These kids were no amateurs, it was clear from the first rehearsal that this was not their first rodeo. I am not exaggerating when I say that I was amazed not only at their talent, but how professional they were. I've been around youth before and I know sometimes it can be like herding kittens. Not with this group. They showed up for every rehearsal, prepared to give a full blown performance each and every time, and they did. Come to find out, they probably had more experience than the rest of us. All of them had previous experience and it showed. When the adults are long gone, DLT has a bright future with talent like this.

The cast hesitantly cleaned up and prepared to move out after the cast party. Saying goodbye wasn't easy, but was made tolerable with promises of..... "We'll get together for lunch", and "Let's write a play together". Yes, "Parting is such sweet sorrow", but only for now..... "That's a wrap:

Opening night backstage selfie with Mr. Earnest Noble

Taffy and Toffee sooth Mrs. Candy's Nerves

Baby Ruth is such a doll....
She never cries

Ada Sourball may have been
more than Sidney Swindle could

We came together as strangers
but left as friends
Those clumsy candy cooks

Alas, they finally found poo
Reese's Pieces, but just a tad
too late

Ada proved to be very bendy

Ready to roll
Will Penny Candy lay Baby Ruth down long enough
to take Earnest Noble's hand in marriage?
Sequel anyone?

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