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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Getting Serious About Water Conservation

Anyone who knows me, knows how conservative I am. I like things easy, simple, no fuss, no muss. Ha! In the word of Harry on "When Harry Met Sally", I'm the worst kind of woman....

Harry: "There are two kind of women: High maintenance and low maintenance."

Sally: "Which kind am I?"

Harry: "You're the worst kind. You're high maintenance but you think you're low maintenance."

That's an accurate description.... But maybe I'm changing. Today I proved that I'm a multi-tasking, water conserving genius (of sorts). This morning after vacuuming the house (all hardwood floors except for bathroom), I decided to give my two Bulldogs, O'Reilly (pronounced OH Reilly! with an exasperated sigh, but we just call her Riley), and Mr. Walter White (pronounced just normal and we just call him Walter) a bath. I usually do them one at a time, but this morning Walter couldn't wait his turn and jumped in with Riley.  Oh well, I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone, or rather bathe two dogs with one tub of water, which in itself is conservation, but the dogs and I took it a step further. I had just gotten Riley rinsed when she decided the tub was too close for comfort and jumped out taking a good portion of the water with her. The bathroom floor was already standing in water before Walter bailed as well. The two of them shot through the hallway, down the stairs, and though the rest of the house leaving a river of water in their wake. No worrries, the floors needed to be mopped anyway and with their help half the work was already done.  I fetched my Spin Mop (have I mentioned lately how much I love that "as seen on TV" gadget?) I do, I love it..... With the entire house standing in water, my little helpers and myself got the entire house mopped in a New York second. I should enlist the help of my double trouble Bulldogs more often. This multi-tasking act of  water conservation makes me want to go out and hug a tree..... But on second thought, I might get all sweaty so I'll just stay put. 

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