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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Confident vs Cocky

One trait that I sincerely try to avoid is being cocky..... I find it so unattractive. Confidence however is something I wish I had more of. Today on the golf course I made a conscious decision to play my favorite pink golf ball on a hole that I notoriously lose to the water. The hole isn't difficult except for that it's like a big black hole that sucks my ball into it every time.... "Not today" I thought, "Not today" I tee'd my pink ball up and hit it like a woman on a mission. Guess what? It was a pretty good drive that made it over the black hole. I may have had a little more pep in my step, but not so much I felt cocky..... It was more a "Hey, you didn't suck great big green apples on that hole." I was a little proud of myself and that's which isn't the norm for me so I don't think it would be considered a bad thing. Especially since I'm sure I'll suck next time.

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