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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Blonde Walks Into a Health Food Store

Little Liberace
One of my favorite Roy D. Mercer calls is to a Navy Recruiter. Follow the link to listen.

Sadly, I had a blonde moment today that made this comedy clip personal. I've been working with a personal trainer trying to fighting the urge to allow the flab to take over my world. A large part of my meal plan concentrates on the importance of protein and frequent meals.... Yucky meals, but meals none the less. I have also joined a pump class which is like aerobics except with weights. I haven't been as committed since vacation, so I was determined to get with the program. Since I was running low on my protein powder, I ran by the health food store to pick some up. Lucky for me, the district manager (I'm guessing) was in the store and asked if I needed help. I asked about adding more protein to my plan which turned into a long lecture about different proteins, certain specials they were running. The longer he talked, the faster he talked and the less I understood, except I wanted to exit the store..... With everything I needed of course. When I walked into the office carrying my $100.00 worth of protein powder and probiotics, the girls just laughed. I have enough protein powder to last a lifetime. My kitchen looks like I'm a prepper ready to make the big escape with protein powder in hand.... Because that's what happens when a blonde walks into a Health food store. Seriously, listen to the clip, I promise you will laugh. Seriously, listen to the link.

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