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Thursday, January 9, 2014

An Old Spoon

Today Mom goes back to the doctor. I'm hoping they have the pathology report back, but I fear all we'll get is her staples taken out (insert frowny face here). As I got ready for worked this morning, I stood in Momma's room and chatted with Mom and Dad. Daddy had indulged in several cups of coffee and could "Thread a sewing machine with it running" (his words not mine). He was peppering Mom with questions ("You want to put your pants on? You want to eat something?") which only irritates her after a while because she doesn't drink several cups of coffee. Honestly the man has more energy that should be legal. I asked him if he would put some of the potato soup I made in a container so I could take it for lunch. He scurried off to the kitchen happy to have been given a task. He asked if I needed a spoon and after a little thought (I couldn't remember if we have plastic spoons at work) I told him yes. I kissed both of them goodbye, told them I would pick them up this afternoon to go to the doctor and headed out the door. On the way to work I thought about that spoon. I'm terrible about bringing containers and stuff home. Dad's ubber conscientious so I began the mental mantra telling myself to "bring the spoon home with you... bring the spoon home with you". Getting the spoon and container home would take this constant mantra, as well as several stickie notes, an alert on my computer as well as an alert on my phone. I should have just left the spoon at home. When I got to work I took my lunch out of the bag so I could place it in the fridge. I looked at the spoon and realized it was one of the old spoons.... Like their spare set. He didn't send me an old spoon by accident, he sent it because he knows me so well. That in itself will give me the determination I need to get the spoon back to him ASAP. LOL!

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