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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Invisible Warrior

The silence of the night swallows your screams
Nobody hears you
Every effort to move your laden limbs are futile
No one sees your struggle
You reach your hand to grasp one in danger
They slip right through your fingers
Cries of desperation echo back
They are swallowed by ears of stone
A flood of tears threaten to drown you
You cry alone
Instinctual fears cinch your heart
No one shows concern
               Pleas of urgent needs pour from your soul
               No credence given
               You are an invisible warrior
               The battle rages,
but your eyes are the only ones that see.
 There are people all around you, how can this be?
Every effort is made to make you doubt that which
cannot be explain... You. Just. Know!
Without the help of others, you battle on,
because that's what invisible warriors do.

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