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Monday, December 9, 2013

A Winter Wonderland Surprise

One night last week, I took a snowy walk. My walks are always special, but last night was special for several reasons. Since it had sleeted most of the day, it was a winter wonderland walk. I love winter wonderland walks, they are the best. Another reason, I was graced with the presence of Soxy the wonder dog. Soxy is my friend's rescue dog who is midnight black with the exception of one front lower leg that is white. When I walk at night, she will sometimes hide in the shadows and I won't see her until she starts bouncing around. It's easy to tell that Soxy is one of those special dogs that captures your heart and my heart is no exception. The problem with her is... She's a man's dog. She loves to walk the trail, but unless there is a guy walking, she won't go. Last night was the 2nd time she's walked with me. I don't know if she had been in the house all day and was bored, or just figured no critters that I couldn't handle would be out. Whatever the reason, I was happy to have her company, especially in the winter weather. She bounces around like a happy little seal when she is on the trail. Last night while she bounced and I took in the view we both saw a flash streak across the
pasture... It was a deer with it's white tail bobbed as it fled to a safe hiding place. It blended in perfectly with it's surrounding except the tail bouncing across our path. She was almost entirely invisible except for the tail. When she was out of view, Soxy and I looked at each other, I giggled for the both of us and clapped my hands. What a treat!! Yeah, you can tell I haven't been out of the City much.

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