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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Soft- Spoken

I just have to wonder about first impressions. A few weeks ago, being in full throttle mid-life crisis mode, I went to our local theater and auditioned for a play. Much like the mud running, it just sounded like a good way to distract myself from this awkward stage I've found myself in. Luckily for me, I was the only person to show up for auditions that night and was given a part in the upcoming dinner theater which begins this week. I tried taping myself saying my lines, but I couldn't stand the sound of my voice so  I lock myself in my room during lunch and after work, and say my lines out loud. Even with no one around, I still get embarrassed. This week we started rehearsals in the banquet room the play will be held at. The director keeps telling me I have to project my voice, he said.... and I quote.... "You are just so soft-spoken." Those were his EXACT words. The very first thought I was.... "What planet is he from?" The second thought I was.... "What planet is he from?" I mean really!? I have never (NEVER) had anyone describe me as "soft spoken" and I just knew he had misspoken, but he reiterated it several times, and it was just such a sweet thing to say, but something that I feel is terribly inaccurate. I was actually shocked speechless (I know, imagine right?) and honestly felt a little bad that he would feel silly once he gets to know me better. Until then though, I will unleash the drama beast inside of me and try to come at this acting thing with guns blazing. When all is said and done (very loudly), I'll tuck my soft-spoken self back into my shell and continue on my quiet way, because maybe I am... Maybe I am a little.... soft- spoken. 

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