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Thursday, November 8, 2012

High Drama Slumber Party

Saturday night The Girlfriends got together for a Girlfriend sleepover. We were celebrating birthdays. We will use any excuse possible to escape into girl world and catch up with each other. We were lying around in our jammies, asking each one to answer thought-provoking questions like.... "Would you rather have a nose on your butt, or a butt for your face." (yes, adult women actually discuss this stuff), It was not one of our most spiritually inspiring get togethers; but rather a chance to relax and just be silly. It was around midnight, and we were all entranced in our deep theology, when someone tried to open the front door. The door knob rattled, we all glanced over to it and a distorted face appeared through the frosted window pane. That is the precise moment the screaming, jumping and yelling inside the house began, sending the dogs (part pit bull) to hide beneath the bed. Let's just say some people are more jumpy at unexpected midnight visitors than others. I ran to the window to see if I
could see anything, someone else ran to the kitchen and came out welding, not one, but two butcher knives (this may have been the scariest part). Trying to keep everyone calm, I rationalized that it was probably one of our guys, (or kids) trying to spook us. With her back against the wall, eyes wide with fear, hands grasping her face, Girlfriend, who remains nameless, swore it was no one any of us had ever seen before in our lives.... "He was really creepy looking." Now, Nameless and I were sitting on the same couch facing the door when this happened. I saw the same face she saw, and although I didn't recognize it, (because it was distorted by frosted glass), the only thing I could figure by what I had seen was that whoever was looking through the window was in bad need of a tan! The face wasn't just white, it was deathly white, as in we scared him worse than he scared us. That's the cool thing about life, two people can see the very same thing and each one come away with vastly different perspectives. We checked the locks, then I wanted to open the front door to see if I could see anything or anyone. After all, I had just come from the Ultimate Mud Warrior Race and was pretty cocky in the fact that I could kick some minor butt (the face looked kind of delicate through the window and I was pretty sure I could take him out). My knife welding friend had my back and was ready to go to battle, but the others refused to allow us to open the door as they called 911. Knife Girlfriend and I, perched ourselves on the back of the couch and peered through the picture window, waiting for the police, while the others discussed the possibilities of perverts, robbers and drunks, being responsible for the attempted break in (actually the only offense was door knob rattling). I hung over the back of the couch, muttering that it was a dang good thing the intruder gave up so quickly as it was taking the police a heck of a long time to arrive to the scene, when The Hostess with the Mostess, fessed up that it was a set up. I mean after all, what is a girl sleepover without a creep showing up at the front door at midnight with pantyhose over his face to provoke some high drama and lots of squeals? Great memory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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