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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Getting Back in Touch and All Caught Up

When I was pregnant with my third child, I had a friend who was also pregnant with her third child. She was an RN and had recently moved away and we weren't able to see each other as often as we would have liked. A few weeks before my due date, we planned a shopping trip with another friend who had just had her baby. I had an ultrasound during my pregnancy but being a modest one he refused pose for the camera in a way that would reveal his gender. When I told my friend that we still didn't know what we were having, she got excited and said she had just finished ultrasound training at the clinic where she worked. We made a detour from the shopping, for a quick hands on practice of her newest skill. We went into an exam room and she grabbed the ultrasound machine and rolled it over to the table. She plopped down on the table, exposed her bulging belly, squirted the ice-cold gel on her and began to roll the wand thingie (my term not hers) on her belly. The familiar black and gray collage appeared on-screen looking like an abstract painting. Finally she found what she was looking for and pointed to the screen and said.... "See that little hump there that looks kind of like a turtle with his head barely sticking out?" I nodded and she exclaimed... "I'm having a boy!" Well, that was just so cool. So she cleaned the gel off her belly and instructed me to lie down on the table. She repeated the process with me. My heart was at a stand still because for 8 months I just believed I was having a girl. Her name was Chloe' Victoria and I had been busy sewing pink blankets and decorating the nursery in peach and aqua. The same abstract colors appeared on-screen. After a little searching she pointed to the screen and said... "See that? You have a turtle too." I was having a boy! That experience was such a sweet memory. How many people get to have a dual ultrasound with a great friend? Probably not many. Our boys were born shortly after and we kept in touch for several years until life does what it does best; it took us in separate directions and tied us up. Before we knew it years had passed and we had lost touch. That was 9 years ago. Every now and then I would have a dream about her. Every time I dreamed of her I woke with a heavy sadness and several times I attempted to locate her, just to make sure she was okay. Several weeks ago it happened again. I didn't have her address and a phone number I wasn't sure was current, but I thought I would send a text and see if I got a reply. It was late at night and I had already taken my sleep medications and well.... Let's just say I don't always remember what happens after I take my sleep medicine. But to my surprise, the text went through and she responded. Gosh it was so good to hear from her. The next day we texted some more, caught up a little on the basics and promised to get together soon. The second night of the play I was in, she showed up. It was like being reunited with my long-lost sister. My daughter and I stood outside the country club with her long after everyone else had left. It finally became obvious that with 9 years of catching up to do we needed to move the conversation some place more comfortable, so we went to a restaurant that stayed open late on the weekends. My daughter sat there listening to our stories, laughing at our description of the ups and downs of life, and even tolerated our mid-life advice until 2 in the morning. We parted ways with a promise to stay in touch. All I can say is.... I have missed her so much. It was such a joy get all caught up and back in touch. I am going to make it a priority to keep it that way. Tonya, please know how very much I have missed you and that I love you with all my heart.

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