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Monday, October 22, 2012

Escape Normal, Take a Trip to The Sanctuary

Having lived a somewhat sheltered life, I had never been to a haunted house until this weekend. As a teenager, my girlfriend and I would creep ourselves out with scary movies for fun.  But after a good friend of mine committed suicide,I decided life offered plenty of real life horrors and I no longer sought them out as entertainment. A friend of ours is working at The Sanctuary Haunted Warehouse in Oklahoma City, so we went with some friends to do what probably none of us have done since we were teenagers. The Sanctuary is a four story warehouse of up close and personal psychotic fun. They've taken your worst psycho thriller nightmares and brought them to life inside one of the amazing
Sick Boyz Suspension
warehouses that have become the trademark of Bricktown. They have made waiting in line entertaining and even a little nauseating. Who knew there were people willing to poke shark hooks through their skin so they could be suspended in air to swing like a pendulum (yeah, he's going to have a bad case of shoulder nipples when he gets done). Meanwhile more Sick Boyz stand beneath the hanging dude, and try to saw their faces off and breath fire at the crowd. And last but not least, a dude who allows those waiting in line to staple his forehead or shove a drill up his nose? Who says the weirdos only come out for the circus? As grown up as I sometimes appear, the asylum like atmosphere did manage a couple of squeals and one pretty healthy scream out of me. Aside from that, it had a major creep factor as I developed quite a following of psychotic patients.... Maybe they read my blog (Ha!). The setting is super cool, especially with my affection for old buildings. The sets weren't the typical cheesy Halloween decorations from Walmart, but artfully crafted life like gore. One scene in particular was a surgical scene which was so realistic I wanted to reach out and touch it. The actors took their creepy roles seriously and actually gave me the willies. The evening was a nice little escape from my mostly "normal"  existence.

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