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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I've Lost My Magic

Today (October 30th), at 3:00 p.m., I got an office email that says we are welcome to dress for Halloween tomorrow.  Sheesh! I got nothing... No costume ideas, zip, notta. Finally, I decided to pull out the tried and true, done it once, will do it again, old idea. I got everything ready, but it needed the final touch and I knew just the thing... My magic wand! I have/had a pink magic wand, with a heart shaped jewel at the end that would light up when you pushed a magic button and it would make the sound of pixie dust being flung through the air. I used it with my previous boss who tended to get "twitchy" at times, or on patients who came in with just  bad attitudes and needed a little pixie dust to lighten their mood. I would wave my wand at the intended recipient  and wall-laa, all was suppose to be better, brighter and happier.... It worked sometimes, but others (the most harden cases) it didn't always work.  I mean imagine standing behind your boss when he is in a very bad mood and waving a pink wand in his direction. When the sound of pixie dust settled, he still wasn't entirely happy, but I like
to think that he appreciated the effort I put into improving office moral, and I was always a little temped to get a pixie dust-like stun gun to use on the really bad days, probably a good thing I didn't. I really liked my Doc and mainly because he didn't twitch too bad when I attempted to de-twitch him. Anyway, I kept the wand by my desk and used it regularly. When I resigned from the position (no, I wasn't fired! Who would fire someone with a magic wand.... I mean really), I packed the wand and brought it home. It was way to special to let go of, so I tucked it away in some unknown nook or cranny until now... 8 years later when I really need it. I have searched this house from attic to basement, through every closet and drawer and my magic wand is no where to be found. I ask my husband as he lay reading if he had seen my magic wand and all I got was a blank stare. I asked my son, who gave me the identical stare as I rummaged through drawers and cabinets. I asked my son if he
ever misplaces anything and he just looked at me like I was speaking French, and said.... "No, not really." And that is why I don't ask people with OCD, important questions like "Where is my magic wand?" because I always get the same reply and it's intentionally thrown out there as a reminder that you are not as organized as them, which just makes me feel inferior.... "Isn't it where it should be?" and my response is always... "Not for people who don't have OCD. who live by the seat of their pants and go with the flow without uptight rigid standards that not everyone cares to follow." I'm sad, the wand cannot be found. It was special to me and I believe it was special to Doc. He received Christ into his life shortly before I resigned and the wand wasn't getting much use after that, but it was still a reminder that everyone needs a fluttering of pixie dust thrown their direction, if for no other reason but to remind them to lighten up and find the magic in living a stress free life. It wasn't until tonight that I realized I missed sprinkling the magic pixie dust on those having a rotten day. I have literally lost my mojo, the night before Halloween, I sit here mojoless with dust bunnies, but no pixie dust. I'm just going to have to wing it on the wand  and hope no one needs a good pixie dust smattering tomorrow cause I got nothing for them. I will be ordering one very soon to keep at my office.

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