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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Some Things Never Change, Sweet Halloween

Halloween has changed so much since I was a kid. Back in the day there was no such thing as "Safe Houses", every house was considered safe. I remember trick or treating when the streets were full of kids going every which direction, with parents only escorting the tiniest of tots. We came home when our bags were filled and not a second before. Even as a kid, I always wanted to be a princess, a fairy, a bride... Pretty much anything
that included a crown and bling... That's not changed at all. Yesterday at 3:00 p.m., my office emailed everyone informing us we could dress up and there would be a prize for the best costume. I haven't done Halloween in years, so I was in a pickle if I wanted to dress up. I thought about
gluing some cotton onto a hat and coming as an airhead, but that just seemed so plain. My next option was to do what I did the last time I dressed up and come as Miss Understood. My son and his girlfriend came in handy for a quick trip to Walmart for ribbon, letters and flowers, and a
girl from work said she would lend me her crown. Right, like it's unbelievable that I don't already have my own :-) I pulled out a dress I bought last year because it was a really good buy, and my creation was complete (almost, except for the wand). This morning we had a video conference call with our office in Louisiana.
When the call came through, they were told to assemble everyone in the conference room for a big announcement. The LA office seemed uncertain as to what this announcement could be about, and you could hear the confusion and hesitation in her voice when she agreed to gather the troops and fire up the camera. There was the slightest sigh of relief when we appeared on camera and they were told they were the judges in
our costume contest (Whew! No pink slips today!) I have to give the LA office a hand. Everyone seem to take the process very serious as they muted us so we could not hear their discussions and in a very methodical way, worked out the voting on a board in the conference room with the camera aimed so we couldn't see. One
by one we introduced ourselves and who or what we were suppose to be. They debated, and voted and debated (I think they may have even graphed it out on the board in true engineer, geologist fashion) until finally they came back with a hung jury on places 2 and 3. The tie that they simply
couldn't seem to break was between the bag lady and the rodeo clown (applause, applause). And the first place winner was.... Miss Understood, shocked look, trembling hands to each side of my face, and fighting off the tears so my
mascara didn't smudge, and humble, oh so humble. No, seriously! I never win anything. It must have been the wave and a smidgen of pixie dust.

I know it looks like I'm taking an oath or something, but the wave was as much a part of the costume as the crown. I'm pretty certain it's that wave that sealed the deal.
Show me the money

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