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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The urgency rises and against all constraint begins to take control. No rhyme or reason, no logic, wisdom or wit can contain the yearning to be more. More than what I was, more than who I am, more than what I've become. Bewilderment occupies my imagination, an intricate maze of emotion encapsulates my heart. Distracted by
the burning, enraptured with the joy of endless possibilities to fill the eternal void. No amount of vision, nor deliberate amount of intent, can prepare the heart for abandoned direction at a time when strength is spent. Yet the standard must be followed, the road must not be bent, to accomodate desire of carnal nature in the lives of upright kin. At one with he who chastens, the careless mislead lone. He reckons moral transgression, with tender love and care. He rectifies the ruin, of shattered self esteem, and restores to me the confidence of one who is redeemed.

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