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Thursday, November 4, 2010

No Buttons To Push

Have you ever felt like your head was going to pop off and just explode into a million pieces? I feel like that sometimes, not often but every now and then... Usually when I can't get something to work like I think it should. I have a bad habit of bringing out the big guns when I feel like that and things usually end up in much worse shape then when I started working on them. Today I received my replacement phone for the one that I flipped out of my sports bra and shattered the screen. I was very emotionally attached to my phone and it to me. I had my kindle downloaded onto it which contained about a million books. I could text like a wiz, even when driving (although that was done for strict emergencies such as possible homicide alerts... Long story). When I placed my claim online they said they had no pretty purple Blackberry Curves in stock and they were replacing my phone with a Blackberry Storm (which is a touch screen). Immediately my heart began to palpitate because I was pretty attached to my phone... We had bonded. I knew I was going to have to go through the whole "getting to know your phone" thing... AGAIN! I held it together because I had no other options then to purchase a new phone which given the whole Dave Ramsey budget envelope diabolical and considering how frugal I am (LOL) I just didn't want to spend the money on a new phone. I think I should be given some credit here because they also said they were sending me, not a pretty purple phone, but the standard black phone. Hey!! Color matters! So I get my new phone and proceed trying to learn it. Hate, hate, hate, the touch keypad!!! I don't want to touch anything I want to push buttons... It helps me when I'm driving. How the heck am I suppose to know what letter I'm typing if I can't feel where I am on the keyboard? Geeze!!! Then there was the whole transferring contacts issue which just made my blood pressure go up and my brain hurt. At five o'clock I rushed to the Verizon store fully expecting to see the scrawny guy who gave me attitude when I tried to fix my tracking ball with a sledge hammer. Seriously? You wanna give a woman with a sledge hammer attitude? I was pleasantly surprised to see a cute little blue eyed girl behind the counter just waiting to assist me. When she asked if she could help me, tears welled up in my eyes and I said please, please, please. I explained that I needed everything transferred over to my new phone and blah, blah, blah. She smiled, took my phones, disappeared for about 30 minutes and TADA, new phone working, contacts in place. I seriously wanted to hurdle the counter and give her a big hug but I felt that might be a little inappropriate and slightly obvious. So I thanked her graciously and headed home. I had already warned my husband that I would be intently trying to master my phone that evening so he didn't have any great expectations of chitchat or canoodling. I'm working on getting the kindle downloaded and my books moved over but I think it's something I can handle. The keyboard touch thing is getting on my nerves due to the fact that I'm more of a button pusher instead of a toucher (yeah, toucher isn't exactly a word but I just made it one),but with a little practice I think I'll get used to it. I don't mind embracing change except when it slows me down. So if you text me and I don't reply or I say something really weird, or weirder than usual, I'm blaming it on the touch screen. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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