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Monday, May 17, 2010

Someone's Looking Out For Me

The weekend went well. With the help of several great friends we pulled the annual Senior Banquet together without a hitch.... or at least not much of one. I was calm, cool and collected after I vowed to myself and my husband that I would not be so stressed out I couldn't function. He came home that morning from attending a good friends graduation. I noticed he was very pensive but I couldn't figure out why. I asked him "Why are you so quiet?" to which he replied "I'm not sure why I am". Immediately I knew something was up because when I usually ask him that his reply is always... "I didn't think I was being quiet." So I sat on the bed and pondered what on earth could have him acting so strange. Later as we were getting ready to head to the church I simply said "I'm not going to stress today or freak out about every little detail, I'm just going to go with the flow and not worry about it." He kind of looked at me as he sat by me on the bed and he said "I hope so." I died laughing.... I said "That's it! That's what has you worried, you think I'm going to stress out over this!' He just kinda cocked his head and smiled.  It was so sweet! He's been worried that the stress of doing things I normally do without any problem will send me over the edge since I'm a little more tightly wound since the fall in January. Typically, I feel each emotion with the entirety of my being, or as my husband says.... I have a lot of passion.But since the fall I am completely irrevocably under an emotional spell with a passion that turns heaven and earth upside down leaving me dangling by a very thin thread. I'm working on rangling those feelings back in balance but so far haven't had much luck. I noticed that my guy kept a very close eye on me the whole evening... mentally calculating how I was doing without acting like he was keeping an eye on me. I found it very sweet, very comforting that he was looking out for me. Anyway, the banquet was great, the food was wonderful and I was happy to see the seniors get to enjoy a special evening with their family. I'm pretty sure I heard a sweet sigh of relief come from my husband's lips as we left the church.I just turned to him, patted his back and said "See, I did good, not even a hint of meltdown all day long."

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