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Friday, May 7, 2010

Change The World

Something unusual happened last night. I went into a local convenience store, went and got a couple of cokes and was waiting in line to pay. An older man (70 somethingish) was just walking out of the store when he turned around and walked directly to me. It's one of those things you're just not expecting to happen. He said "I have lived most of my life thinking complimentary things about people yet keeping those things to myself. I'm just not going to live that way any more. I just want you to know that the blouse you have on is simply beautiful. It's a beautiful blouse on a beautiful woman". Then he turns around and walks off. After I picked my jaw off the floor I thought to myself...."I wonder if he uses that line on everyone?" Even if he does I swear that I walked out of that store 3 inches taller than I walked in. When I got in the car I told my husband what happened and he said "Oh! You HAVE to put that on sweetp tomorrow."  It made me realize that I too think complimentary things about people that I sometimes keep to myself. I've decided that we'd all walk a little taller and our smiles would be a little brighter if we could simply file the negative stuff we think and speak the complimentary stuff instead. I imagine something that simple could possibly change the world.

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