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Friday, January 29, 2016

Jac of All Shades

Nothing has surprised me more than the responses I've gotten on the doodles I've posted to Facebook. I started doodling right after my head injury. I would sit in our weekly departmental meetings and doodle as I listened. I can't exactly say why I needed to escape, but I think it may have been due to the difficulty I had in hearing. The TBI left me with severe Tinnitus, which is a very loud ringing in the ears. That with the difficulty I had in personal interactions in general, I found solace in the doodling to block the static of multiple voices. A few months ago a friend posted some of her doodles and I thought.... "That's what I used to do during our meetings." So.... I got a sketch pad and some markers and began doodling while I listened to the TV. That was when I was sucked into the black hole of doodling, spending hours lost in my paper and pen. It's so much fun, I never imagined others would enjoy my doodles as well. Today a girl I work with said.... "Jackie, I want a picture of the owl you posted last night."  Nothing makes me happier than doing something that causes another to smile. I've always considered myself a "Jac of all trades, master of none" I can play the piano, yet I am not a pianist. I love to decorate, but I'm not a decorator. Now, I love to doodle, but I'm not an artist..... I guess you could say I am a "Jac of all shades"..... Fifty shades of Jac??? LOL

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