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Thursday, December 31, 2015

What Not to Do

I thought I had learned my lesson about taking Ambien then continuing to engage by texting, using social media, or blogging (especially blogging) instead of going to bed. I haven't had an Ambien fueled eating binge or horrifying blog post in a really long time. I've always been full of surprises, but never as much as after my TBI in 2010. In the first two years after my injury, my husband had to closely monitor everything thing I did, because he never knew what I was going to do and I was especially unpredictable after I had taken Ambien. Those first couple of years I would wake in the middle of the night and either binge on anything I could get my chubby little fingers on, or blog things that would horrify my husband. It became his normal routine to get up early to see what kind of damage I may have done. There were several blog post I had to remove before the rest of the world woke up :-) The eating binges were kind of amusing. When I say I would binge without knowledge, I mean I would wipe out the fridge, including eating sticks of butter with no memory until I woke up and saw the remnants of empty packages scattered all over the kitchen and through the house. Apparently, I ate on the move. The sheer quantity of  food I would ingest during the night was alarming. As I slowly recovered from the TBI, my Ambien fueled episodes disappeared.... Until last night. I didn't clean out the fridge, but I did offer up way more information than my cousin was expecting . I didn't know I had texted her until I started to text my husband this morning and noticed I had exchanged text with her last night after I was in bed. I texted her this morning. She said she busted out laughing when she read it and she hadn't stopped smiling. I was mortified for about 2.5 seconds.... I'm over it now. It's okay by me if I continue to have a few "Jackie" moments.... It keeps things interesting, and amuses my husband immensely. 

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