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Monday, October 26, 2015

Word of the Day.... Fingerprintless

It's not a good day when you are in the middle of styling your hair when your flat iron decides to go out. That's what happened to me this weekend. While we were in the City, I ran by Ulta to pick up a replacement. Let me say.... They do not give those things away. But anything that is designed to make you look better than you were born to be, is always worth the price. After looking at a plethora of brands, sizes, and styles, I came across a 3 in 1 Flat iron/curling wand. The ceramic plates of the gadget are "infused with nourishing Black Seed Oil" which is supposed to give your hair "Incredible Shine" Now I stood right there in the aisle and said to myself.... "That's just a bunch of crap.... Even if it's true, I'm 99% sure it would have no affect on how shiny your hair is, but I liked the box (yes I am that shallow) and the other selling point was.....  Wait for it, wait for it..... It was a Kardashian 3 in 1. Looking back on the purchase, that was probably the main reason NOT to buy it but buy it I did. I don't even know who or what the heck those people are famous for except maybe for taking an incessant amount of inappropriate selfies which is just so..... Narcissistic. But, let's go back to the box.... I really liked the packaging. The second clue that I should not have bought this particular flat/curling iron was, it came with a thermal glove. Anyone who knows me..... Knows that I should not be using anything that requires a thermal glove or any other protective wear.... That should have been a big red flag. The good thing is the new flat iron/curling iron gets really hot. So hot in fact, it will burn your fingerprints right off your fingers if you try to use it without the "Thermal Glove" (which I highly do not recommend doing). On the bright side of things..... If I decide to take up cat burglary during the learning curve of using my new gadget, I won't have to worry about leaving behind any fingerprints. Yea... No, I am completely serious and am presently fingerprintless (if that's even a word). If it's not, it totally should be.

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