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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Cost Cutting Tips

The big news in our small town is a new "Ross Dress for Less" opened yesterday.... The peasants did rejoice and this peasant thought I might sneak a peek this afternoon while my husband grabbed a cat nap. It's a hot October, day so i threw on a pair of capris, a shirt, and headed to town. Surprisingly, the store wasn't crowded which meant I could shop with ease.... Until I noticed something amiss . I looked down at my shirt..... It was inside out!  I started to turn around to leave, but stopped myself. I thought about going to the dressing rooms to turn it around, but talked myself out of it... "Hold your head up high and walk with confidence like you didn't know it was inside out and no one will notice." I told myself. Then I made myself pretend to shop. I can say that wearing your clothes inside out in public is an effective way to drastically cut your shopping cost, as I wasn't tempted to buy anything.... All I could think was.... "There's no place like home."

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