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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Multi-tasking Queen of the Gym

Ticks have taken over the world!!!! Well, maybe not the whole world but the little piece of world I run to for my walk in the woods.  Begrudgingly I shifted my walks to the gym where my walks have turned into boring minutes that creep by ever so slowly.  A few weeks ago the glass doors leading to the gym had notices that all of the treadmills were out of order.  Seriously?!?  They have like a zillion treadmills, how could they all be out of order unless ticks really have taken over the world?  Sans treadmill, I opted for an elliptical which is equally as boring as the treadmill so I needn’t worry about being overly enthused thereby resulting in some sort of athletic injury that would thwart my workout routine altogether. The next night I was pleasantly surprised to find that the notices on the front doors were gone.  Perhaps the treadmill fairies had come in the night and magically fixed all that was broken. When I got upstairs, the treadmill fairies actually had came!! They didn’t fix the treadmills, they replaced them with new treadmills with all the bells and whistles a girl could ask for…. Well, maybe not ALL the bells and whistles, but most of them.  The good thing about the gym is…. I can walk and read at the same time, something I would never attempt to do in the woods. I fired up my Kindle and noticed that the gym had also installed Wi-Fi, making it possible to play Candy Crush, listen to music AND walk at the same time, something I definitely wouldn’t try in the woods. It takes me about 2.5 seconds to whirl through 5 Candy Crush lives, so I switched over to my book to read while I  listened to music.  I thought to myself that  I needed a pat on the back for being the multi-tasking Queen of the gym.  I was walking, reading (or Candy Crushing) and listening to my music all at once... Something a man could never do.

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