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Monday, August 4, 2014

Golfing 101

This weekend we went golfing with my cousin and her husband. They have the actual shoes you should wear to play golf in and I just have running shoes with the cushy innersoles made of memory foam. My husband and I met through her husband way back in the day because they worked together. When we were first dating we would play miniature golf with them and quite honestly we beat them every time. I think I've even saved some of the score cards that are now yellow and practically turning into dust. Her husband is a big talker and I have plenty of attitude which is why we got along so fabulously when they were first married. None of us showed any golfing talent whatsoever this weekend,even the ones with the right shoes. My cousin and I got slapstick silly about the fact that her husband pruned every tree on the course. He did have a couple of good drives but unfortunately they slammed into the middle of a tree
trunk and bounced all the way back to the women's tee box! I laughed so hard I thought my ovaries would explode. On another hole he shot the ball through the trees and into the weeds. He diligently went hunting for the ball and when he came out of the briars his legs looked like he had been attacked by a pack of rabid cats and was probably facing a terrible case of cat scratch fever. I was afraid we were going to have to give him a transfusion right there on the golf course which only made everything even more hysterical.... (We're not laughing AT you we're laughing WITH you!) While we were cooling down at the house afterwards, he was trying to save face by saying that he could drive the ball 200 yards or more depending on who he was playing with.... "Oh! So now you're blaming us for the way you played?!" I laughed.... Oh, it wasn't that, he explained that when he plays with someone who takes it seriously, he plays so much better. My cousin and I looked at each other and laughed as we told him that WE WERE taking it serious.... And that he had seriously played bad!!! Poor guy.... Between the two of us he just can't win for losing. Golfing 101 is.... Never take yourself or anyone else too serious especially when my cousin and I are teamed up. We've always been two winning peas in a pod which is hard to top.

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