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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's Crossed my Mind

Good news.... I think my husband is a keeper. Not that I ever really doubted it, but a woman's mind can do some crazy things when under stress. Friday afternoon he sent an email asking if I'd like to go on a date to see Jennifer Aniston's new movie "The Millers". A good laugh is just what the doctor order after my sob-fest. The movie was hysterical. Nothing ends a bad day like fits of laughter and yeah, I can totally see me spending the next 30 years in a fit of laughter next to this man. The move went better than Friday went, but let's face it... Not many days are worse than Friday. I had gotten all of the hysterics out of the way so I acted like a normal Mom all day Saturday. Well... normal if you're grading on a curve. Moving in was a family affair with all the kids meeting us at the apartment to help unload. When we left, the cable was turned on, the dishes put away, shower
curtain in place, most of the boxes unpacked and I threw in a little decorating because it's an uncontrollable compulsion with me.  When we left them to their own, they had the good grace to look just a tiny bit sad.... Or that could have been my overactive imagination... If you can imagine. There's a great sense of peace knowing all of the kiddos are in the same City as well as having my brother close. When we arrived home, my husband
said.... "Do you realize that this is the first time since 1983, we are alone and have the ability to do whatever we want without having to consider anyone else?"......  I just smiled.... Actually, the thought had crossed my mind....


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