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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bucket List Mission, Not so Impossible

The Fearless Five
Okay, so day 3 we were on a mission.... A bucket list mission. After a good breakfast and more mane braiding, porch sitting and general vacation laziness, part of us headed for the Royal Gorge for some zip lining. Yeah Baby! If you hadn't zip lined before,
you might think you would feel like you were dangling by a thread. I was surprised... Well kind of. I thought one of us (no names mentioned), would feel hesitant about climbing a mountain, dangling by a wire and hurling myself to the other side. Actually, hurling myself from one place to another seems to come quite naturally to me. I can do it without even trying... Who
knew? We  had to go through the instruction part of it, which was the hardest part for me, but the rest was a breeze. The reason I still carry a stupid steno pad around the office, isn't because of my fond high school memories of my shorthand teacher Mrs Reynolds, it's because if there is more than two steps to any set of instructions, I just disengage (which is probably why
I wasn't Mrs. Reynolds favorite student), guess it's the ADHD... I made sure that I was the last one in line so, not only had I heard the instructions, but I had also had 6 visual examples before it was my turn. When it came time to hurl, I didn't even flinch or bat an eyelash. I know you probably get tired of hearing this, and I certainly get tired of saying it, but I just wasn't like this before the TBI. It was a big deal to walk around the block by
myself... I was afraid of everything. Zipping was like nothing at all, in the fear factor department and everything in the fun to be had department. Even when one of the guides experienced a trolley failure on his way to the platform, he calmly explained that he had heard the tale tale signs of the bearing wearing out on the
group before us. As he said it,  everyone began looking their gear, It is a little disconcerting when you see experienced guides come to a stop before they reached the platform and then tell the other guide... "I'm going to have to pull myself in, I heard it pop.  The last line was a duel race line. I totally beat my husband by several feet, the fact that I jumped the gate a few second, didn't hurt my chances any, but I would have won anyway. We
hiked, zipped, hiked, zipped for three hours and I could have done it all day long. We came back to the cabin all sunburned humidity deprived and exhausted. It was a great day. I would recommend zipping to even the faint of heart. The worst thing that could happen is you might be beat by a girl on the last line, which isn't nearly as bad as being beaten by a girl in golf...

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