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Monday, April 16, 2012

Act Like You're Enjoying Yourself!

Fine, I will wear the crown, but I will not look at you
Let's just face it... As you get older, birthdays aren't all they're cracked up to be. Nothing really tells that story as well as the birthday pictures of my Bulldog Riely. This was her 5th birthday and she wasn't happy about the crown, wasn't happy about the camera, and wasn't happy about sitting still. My first Bulldog  was as photogenic as the ones you see on the greeting cards and would pose endlessly for me. Riley is not. I felt like I had been on a flying trapeze trying to get these few shots. She was much more patient with Momma than I was with her... "Act like you're enjoying yourself!" Not going to happen my friend.

Get the shot then let me get down

You're going to drag this out, I can just tell
Wake me when you're done
There is nothing natural about me wearing a crown

Two more shots and I'm outta here
Have your people contact my people, this is over
Where is my Assistant?
Rico, get the Limo

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