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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


How you take things, just depends on your perspective.For instance, to celebrate the 50th birthday of my boss, we decorated the office with pictures from his past. I sneaked over to his house in the dead of night and posted "Honk at me I'm 50 today" on his pristine truck. My co-workers and I went to the daily yard meeting and surprised him with a breakfast pot-luck and a beautiful birthday cake. Later in the day he mentioned that he felt a little picked on. I had
People were extra friendly
to explain to him that he shouldn't feel picked on, he should just "feel the love":-) We hadn't picked on him all day, we had celebrated him all day... Wink, Wink. It would have just been rude to ignore him on such an important day. Okay, so maybe the OSU cake was a little bit of a dig, seeing how he is such a die hard OU fan, but, well... I just
Smile till it hurts
couldn't resist. In all of the celebrating that was done, I think the cake was the hardest bite to swallow. LOL! But, he did indeed swallow it in the best spirit of a good sport... (Which is so very unlike a Sooner).

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