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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What's Good About a Really Hot Summer?

It's so freaking hot this summer!!!! We've had two months of way over 100+ weather with no end in sight. I'm thinking that summer was a bad time to try to knock off the caffeine... Heat + No Caffeine = Headaches and Grumpiness. Not a lot of grumpiness, just teetering on the edge grumpiness. The heat isn't the only thing severe about this summer. We've got a drought, there have been fires, it's just an extreme year. But just because it's extreme doesn't mean it's all bad.  There are some good things about a really hot summer. Good can be found in every situation if you look hard enough.

What's Good About A Really Hot Summer?

1. The hot water heater gets a rest because the cold water is   
   hotter than the hot water
2. You don't have to mow the lawn, because there is no lawn to mow
3. If the electricity goes out frying an egg and some bacon on
   the back porch is no problem
4. People don't complain if their plans gets rained out

There you go! There are the benefits to having a really hot summer. Don't sweat the heat! Hot, cold, wet, or dry, how good your summer turns out mainly depends on you :-)Beat the heat with positive thinking. Use your imagination to conjure up some snow capped mountains in your mind and embrace the summer.

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