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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scatter Joy!!!!

Welcome to Oklahoma where the dirt is red and the grass is.... Crunchy! We do everything in Oklahoma halfway, that's why we only have two seasons... Hot and cold. If you want more seasons than that, I suggest you move someplace else. LOL! You think I'm kidding? Trust me I'm not. Summertime means travel (any place but here sound good to me), and my oldest son has once again put his travelin pants on (actually he rarely takes them off) and is headed to the wilds of Africa. Mission is his passion.  It's a passion he shares with several of his friends. He has a really neat group of friends that just scatter joy wherever they go. For the next 3 weeks they'll be scattering joy to the far corners of the earth. You can bet the grass never grows crunchy under his feet because he doesn't stay in one place long enough for it to grow. My prayer is the seeds he sows this summer will flourish and change the world. How about your joy??? Go out and scatter joy!

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