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Friday, December 11, 2009

The Other Half Of Me

She snuggled up beside me
With a giggle and a grin
I am a little taken back
Where did she come from and when?
You know me well, she calmly states
We go back from the beginning of time
We used to play in the yard when small
You know, your yard and mine
I looked at her with piercing eyes
No recognition at all
No hint of remembrance, no faint memory
This girl I clearly saw
The sound of her voice, the way her words were formed
Her blue green eyes, her hair,
Nothing struck a cord with me
Not one single thing we shared
Tell me more, I quietly asked
Searching for some kind of clue
How do we know each other
I don't seem to remember you
Her smile didn't fade, her eyes didn't blink
She took no mind at all
That I had forgotten our long lost connection
That I could not recall
She touched my arm and sighed a sigh
And searched for words to say
I thought she would tell me stories of us
The games we used to play
I'm not surprised, she finally said
That you do not know my name
There's hardly a resemblance left for you
To know we are the one and same
I am you, so long ago
Seems like forever and a day
Way back when you were really young
And your heart was way more tame
You are but half of me the half most people saw
The half you used to please the ones
Who raised you when you were small
A much different girl you've become
A much different woman you are
Than the one that you present to those
Who seek to judge your heart
Just one request I simply ask
If I might be so brave
Don't forget the side of you
That has always kept you safe
I'm the one whose judgement you used
When you were young and free
All I ask as you search yourself
Always remember me.
Never forget the things we were taught
When we were but just small
And never look back and regret the things
That we cannot change at all
Just go forward, continue to grow
In knowledge and strength and love
The time we are now experiencing
Is something we'll rise above
It's new for us, this life of ours
It's nothing we planned to see
The ending to the dreams we dreamed
The things we thought would be
But that's alright, don't be alarmed
It's just a point in life
Where the things that were and the things that are
Get tangled within the heart
I'm right here, I'll always be
We're together and always have been
The good, the bad, the tame and wild 
From the beginning until the end

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