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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflections Under A Blue Moon....

In less than an hour 2009 will be behind me and 2010 standing at my door. It's the time of year where I reflect on the past and look forward to the future. 2009 was an emotionally difficult year for me. The youngest of my 3 children turned 15, oldest son bought his first house and my daughter ventured out on her first deployement in the military. I've struggled with the question, "Where do I go from here?". It's my personal opinion the women probably have a little more trouble transitioning into this point in life; when your children spread their wings and begin to soar towards their own lives. This year that realization (for some reason) hit me square in the face and I'll admit I was totally unprepared. I don't know if it was seeing the last one enter high school or having the first one leave the country but it has been difficult. It's caused a domino-like effect with me questioning every area, every belief and every ability that I have. I'm still a little dumbfounded how someone with such a firm foundation can be shaken by the sight of empty chairs around the dinner table, but I think that's what it boils down too. I think it's kind of funny because I'm a very non-hoovering type of Mom. I thought that style of mothering would make this time of life less painful but I've come to the conclusion that I was wrong! Yes honey, you read it right (no gloating!). Anyway, that's were I am, or was in 2009. Now it's time for me to figure out where I'll be this time next year. My wishes for 2010 are... I want every day to be filled with excitement! No mundane, same ole same ole. I want to belly laugh on a regular basis, to see the sparkle back in my eyes when I'm applying my mascara in the morning and I want the old happy go lucky pants pulled up all the way up to my waist! No more walking around with my happy pants pulled half the way up. Their going all the way baby, all the way! See, I'm not complicated, these are simple, no-fuss wishes. Just to seal the deal I went for a long walk under the light of the blue moon (it's suppose to bring you luck). I think you're actually suppose to dance naked under the blue moon for luck but I didn't want to frighten any drunks that happened to be out at that hour. Since it's been snowing the light of the blue moon was actually blue as it fell upon the snow. It is simply stunning out there tonight, and you know that's just what this year has been, it's been stunning. Some of it has been stunningly sad, some of it has been stunningly happy and some of it has been stunningly shocking. You know what? I'm pretty sure that 2010 will be stunning too. Stunning realizations, stunning revelations and stunning resolutions. Yep, it's just amazing how things look under the reflection of a blue moon. I hope your 2010 is stunning too.

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