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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Warm Blanket

Another gloomy day outside, but inside the sun is shinning bright! I started the week just like the weather on Tuesday…. Rainy, then sunny, then rainy, then sunny. All daylong I watched the weather outside change every 15 minutes like clock work. Emotionally my mood changed just as often. Just like the weather outside, inside I’d have a downpour but also just a speck of sunshine showing through the clouds. I couldn’t decide if I was happy, sad or a mixture of both. When I got home I couldn’t decide if I wanted to curl up in the fetal position and die or run to the moon. Some people might think I was a psycho, but actually I’m just female. Anyone relate? As if by magic the clouds inside rolled away Wednesday morning even though the clouds outside decided to hang around. It’s no coincidence that I got a call from my daughter that day. She is in an amazing (although scary) place seeing amazing sights. Just knowing she is ok made the doom and gloom go away. I miss having my girl around, miss having our girl talks, I just miss her, but that’s ok. Everything is going to be ok, after all no one ever died from missing someone. Today the fog outside is like a thick pea soup, but it kind of feels like a warm blanket has been wrapped around my heart.

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