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Friday, October 23, 2009


You are my morning light. Like the amber glow that
first fills the sky at dawn, so you have filled my life.
You are so much more than a dream come true;
You are love come to life.
You will always be my first.
With you I have grown, through you I have learned
And beside you I will walk. Gently I will guide you,
When necessary I will protect you and always I will love you.
Someday when the time must come I will let you go
And trust in the way I have lead and the way in which you have followed.
Though your paths you will solely seek, my love will always pursue.
Quietly I am here, waiting to give you hope, to encourage, offering shelter from the

I truly believe that God took a little twinkle from the stars
and placed it in your eyes. With this twinkle will come your ability to succeed.
No tempest toss will ever sink your ship. Never will you face a mountain too tall
to climb, or a valley too deep to cross. Within your hands you hold all of the
keys to tomorrow. Like the extra twinkle that He gave you, He will likewise supply
extra strength that is needed to open your tomorrow
If upon Him you will depend.

Your capacity for loving will increase others capacity to love you. In loving others we teach them to love.
When taking the risk to offer friendship you never lose. If the offer of
friendship is denied, take heart, in offering you have tried, accomplishing what
most greatly fear. Out of your spirit of love will come your ability
to forgive. Forgiving those who hurt you allows you to grow...
In learning we grow.

In the twilight, as you look back on the dawn, may you feel the
warmth of love you have given me. My hope for you is that someday you will see the amber glow cast from the smile of your first child.
Through misty eyes you will touch life's most precious gift. You will have a new life, with new meaning and new goals. You will take this life so fresh and new
and to your bossom hold it. Then hand in hand you will both set sail
upon the waters that reflect the amber glow.

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