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Friday, October 16, 2009

Mr. Sandman

Oh how I miss my Sandman!!! A couple of years ago a friend of mine gave me a hypnosis CD for weight loss. Actually it was a worthless piece of plastic for the advertised purpose, but for sleep it was amazing. I downloaded it to my Ipod and listened to it every night when I went to bed. At first the whole thing seemed silly and pointless but I stuck with it just knowing my thighs were dwindling away to nothing in my sleep and fully believing that I would wake up one morning with the body of a 20 year old (now that's what I call dreamin). The soothing voice of a man would have me relax every part of my body before he would guide me through a dense fog and down a large winding staircase. After about a week I realized that I would be fast asleep before I ever got to the staircase and if I happened to wake up at 3 in the morning like I usually do, I could just turn my little Sandman back on and through the fog we'd go into happy, peaceful oblivion waking the next morning feeling like a million bucks (sleep has that effect on me). I grew very attached to Sandman and took him with me where ever I went just in case I needed to go to my happy place. At lunch one day I decided to treat myself to a pedicure. I thought I would listen to Mr. Sandman while sitting in the massage chair and soaking my feet in the warm water. There really is not a better way to spend your lunch hour than in the pedicure chair. So I was sitting in the chair, soaking my toes with Mr. Sandman sitting in my lap. Through the fog we went, but there was just one problem. When I became fully relaxed my knees parted and my Ipod fell into the tub below. There I sat with my ear buds dangling from my ears and the sound of Mr. Sandman drowning in the Lilac water, and the little Chinese girl starring up at me in horror. I instantly jerked the Ipod out of the water, praying it wasn't fried. Once I got the Ipod dried out and somewhat working again, Mr. Sandman sounded more like A very drunk Dean Martin, slurring his words and taking me to indistinguishable places... not peaceful at all. Oh what's a girl to do?? I haven't slept the same since my little Sandman drowned...

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