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Friday, January 6, 2017

An Enchanted Day of Whimsy

Last night as I lay in bed reading my book, my husband kept coming in to show me the latest weather forecast, along with the radar. I shooed him away, telling him he was going to jinx my sliver of a hope for snow. I could almost swear Stephens County, Oklahoma has a no snow dome surrounding it. It seems that when snow is predicted, it makes it right up to our county line then.... Notta, zip, Today was a blessed day. During the night, we got barely a dusting. I was pretty certain that was the most we would get. When someone at work mentioned that it was snowing hard, I was elated. Snow brings out my inner child in an almost obnoxious way. I cannot confirm or deny that a snowball was thrown inside the office this morning, and without sounding too much like a Democrat.... "At this point, what difference does it really make?" But I will confirm that my boss heard squealing, came to see what all the fuss was about, only to find me standing on the steps catching flakes. Not sure how much that will advance my future within the company, but  it can never be said that things are boring when I'm in high gear.  I do love it when those around me who are not snow enthusiasts, grant me and my snow shenanigans a measure of grace. What can I say.... Snow sends my ADHD into hyper-drive.  

By noon the roads were pretty bad, and the schools were closing so we got to go home.
I slid into the driveway, flew upstairs for my winter gear (minus one glove) and ran right out the back door with dogs right behind me. One thing I have learned is, if we get snow I better enjoy it while it last, because it's  usually short-lived. The dogs and I romped in the backyard for probably an hour, then I swept the porch and drive. The snow was still coming down so I went over to Daddy's and cleared his and his neighbor's sidewalks and drive. I issued stern warnings not to get out and to call me if they needed anything. When I got home my husband wanted me to take him back to work so our son could have his car for work. When we got to the Honda Shop we had an impromptu two step dance lesson which was really fun. With no customers around, everyone in the shop attempted to find some rhythm and a right foot to go with the twin left feet we were all sporting.

Last but not least, I did what I dread every single year. I got the Christmas tree disassembled (but not put away). During dinner the activities of the day seemed to sneak up on me rendering me almost immobile. Yeah, I'm pretty sure sleeping in tomorrow will be at the top of my "to do" list. Today was day of enchanted whimsy and fun. Being an adult is overrated and every now and again its good to just let loose and enjoy life, That's what having a snow day is all about.... At least for this snowbird.

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