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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

That's What I Miss

I stood at the kitchen counter chopping celery and onions. The hum of the convection oven, and the tick-tock of the timer sang in the background. I tossed some chopped celery in the simmering butter on the stove, and went back to the counter and began chopping onions. Riley, my bulldog whined as I chopped... She was out of water. "I know, I know" I told her. I stopped chopping, gave her water, washed my hands and carried the onions over to add to the celery. The smell of the cornbread was starting to fill the kitchen as was the cool of the evening. It was getting dark outside as I stood over the simmering pan of onions and celery..... "Something seems off" I thought to myself. That's when it hit me just how quiet the house was. Besides the simmering of butter and the humming of the oven, the only sound was the clicking of the dogs toenails on the hardwood floor. Awe, it's the holidays that make me miss the pitter-patter of little feet running up and down the stairs. It's the silence that makes me miss the giggles and muffled noises of mischief in progress just beyond my sight. It's in the still of the evening when the sadness of having grown children threatens to wash over me. What am I thankful for tonight?? Tomorrow I'll be surrounded by all of my family and baby kisses. That's what I miss.

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