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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Almost Show Time

I walked out on a limb a few weeks ago and tried out for a play our community theater is doing. I was surprised (and thrilled) when I got the call that I was given a part. This is the second play I've done. The first one was about 3 years ago. Sunday night we "went off book" which means we started rehearsing without scripts. Once you start rehearsals without the script, practice takes on a whole new dimension. Without the script you can actually watch the scenes play out. I think it's a good sign that after several weeks of rehearsals, we are still laughing at the funny parts..... In fact I think we are laughing even more.  I have enjoyed the rehearsals from the beginning and as we progress, rehearsals are even more enjoyable. We have a great cast, several of which are young people. I have been blown away by how talented and professional they are. You can tell they are not rookies. Same goes for the adults. We have a wonderful cast of talented people who have given 100% into making this play a fun (and memorable) event. Tonight is our final rehearsal before we move into the Marlow Opera House where the play will be held. We will only have a couple of rehearsals there before it's show time. I'm excited and I think the rest of the cast is as well. If you get a chance, and would like a laugh, come enjoy this Melodrama with us. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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