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Friday, February 13, 2015

Not The Same Without My Mom

On my way to work this morning, tears were running down my cheeks. It wasn't that I hated coming to work, it was I was dreading my birthday tomorrow. Birthdays just aren't the same without the one who gave you birth. Every my mom would tell me my birth story. It just seems like birthdays are a celebration you should be having with your mom. I hate it when I'm weepy at work. The last time that happened, I scared the poor Fed-Ex guy away for good. He had the misfortune of asking us how happy we were to be working the day after New Year's..... I had been quiet all morning until he asked how my day was going and gosh darn it if the dam didn't break with a flood that I could not get back under control. I do not want to have another one of those days since I sit in an office with no walls. You know the saying.... "Cry and the whole world cries with you?" It should be "Cry and make the whole office awkward". Missing my mom today will probably make working dry and tearless almost impossible because birthdays aren't the same without your mom.

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