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Monday, July 21, 2014

Know Your Worth

It is natural to feel devalued when you suffer a loss, be it a relationship, position, or even when your kids leave home. After years of pouring yourself into something, when that something is no longer there, or you are no longer needed, it's easy to feel displaced and.... Disposable. Let's face it, it's a dog eat dog out there and although we may feel valuable at times, it only takes a sweep of the pen to bring you back down to earth at super sonic speed and make you feel worthless. I got the sweetest email the other night. After a friend read my blog about being despondent he wrote....

"Please don't be despondent about the job change. Remember when one door closes another is opened. I hired you as receptionist when you couldn't even talk! Remember that? You're a special person and someone will recognize that just as I did. My prayers are with you."

I have thought about that job interview so many times over the years. I was so sick with bronchitis and laryngitis that I could not even speak at a whisper. I felt like an idiot trying to talk during the interview.... Straining with everything within me just to produce a squeak or a rasp. The job I applied for entailed answering the phone all day long and transferring calls to about a million different extensions. In addition, I also paged people over the intercom all-day-long. I ofter wondered why on earth he hired me to do a job he had no idea I could do. Apparently he saw worth in me that wasn't quite visible at the time.

God sees what man cannot and you my friend are more valuable than gold. 

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