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Monday, June 23, 2014

Head Banging Good Time

This month has been the fun stuff of life, weddings, showers, births and birthdays. This weekend I went to my Red Aunt’s 90th birthday party. At 90, she is still as spunky as her legs allow her to be. I was sitting at the end of the table eating birthday cake with her…. “How did you talk them into letting you leave the assisted living home for several hours today Auntie?”  I asked. She waved a dismissive hand, shrugged and said… “Oh,they’ve gotten where they pretty much let me comeand go as I please.”  I laughed and then I took the opening and walked right on in. “Yeah, that’s what I hear.”  I said with my eyebrows cocked and a big grin on my face….  She gave me that big ole shocked look she has, slapped at my hand and laughed….  “You heard that about did you?”  Seems like my 90-year-old aunt, who insisted her legs were too tired to walk to the dining area to eat with the other
She looks like an angel here
residents, took it upon herself in a moment of sudden spryness to make a break for it, striking out across the pasture which backs up to the facility. Half way through the pasture they called out to her… “Doris, is that you?” She looked over her shoulder than picked up speed. When they got her back to her room she acted like nothing had happened when my cousin arrived to investigate. She’s a sly one for sure.  We had a head banging good day… The good part was intentional, the head banging was not.

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