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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lovely Mess

Hmm,once again I will demonstrate to you how to take a simple task and make it complicated. I really should start putting out a video series on these important little tasks, as I'm sure that not just anyone can take the mundane and turn it into catastrophe with the amount of consistency and style as I can. I know, I'm not one to
usually brag (except about well earned golf trophies (spoken in plural form by faith, or OSU stomping rival football teams into the ground), but there probably isn't anyone who will think my ego has grown terribly with this one confession. I was working hard this morning catching up from the holidays. I was getting a little hungry but didn't want to stop long enough for a snack so I popped a peppermint in my mouth. They are the super good kind that are big and melt in your mouth right before they disappear completely. I love them, but I needed more than one. They are really big so I thought I should crunch it up into smaller pieces so my mouth wouldn't be so full. God forbid someone should drop by my office and I be unable to chit the chat with them. I looked around my desk for something that would make a good crunching tool. I
couldn't use my stiletto tape dispenser, it wasn't sturdy enough, I didn't want to use
my pink bling stapler, some of the sparkle might fall off. I decided my high dollar body lotion bottle would probably make the best tool, so I lay the peppermint down on the desk and gave it two good slams. Initially I thought the melty goodness had
been squished out of the peppermint and splattered all over my desk, then I realized that no, my high dollar body lotion bottle had exploded sending sprinkles of my body lotion all over the place. Oh Fudge! On the bright side, my office has the lovely aroma of white chocolate laced with peppery wonder. Just another lovely mess.

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