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Monday, January 16, 2012

Am I Talking to the Wrong Person?

This morning I stopped by the bed on my way out of the house and asked my husband a crucial question.... "Does my bump look ok?" He peeks over the sheet with one eye open and says "Yeah." In rapid succession the following questions are fired out.

Me- You sure?

Him- (With eyes shut) Yeah.

Me- Would you tell me if it wasn't?

Him- (With eyes shut) Yeah.

Me- It's not too exaggerated?

Him- (With one eye open) No.

Me- Would you know if it was?

Him- (With eyes shut) Yeah.

Me- Am I probably talking to the wrong person about all of this?

Him-(With eyes shut) No.

Me- Okay, I love you.

The most important question was probably if I was talking to the wrong person, but who else was I going to ask, Morph the Cat? I just went with it, bless his heart.

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